Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrażania Innowacji INWET SA

Established: 1989
Representative of: Findeva, Tuxel, Venanzetti.
Subject of activity: transportation storage and processing of bulk materials solutions, based on aeration and vibration technologies.

International cooperation: we export our solutions to: Belarus, Czech Republic, Finland, Georgia, Iran, Lithuania, Germany, Russia, Romania, Serbia and Ukraine.

customer service provides “ready to use” standard.

Products and services:

  • air blasters – dynamic aeration systems based on air blasters,

  • low pressure aeration systems based on aerators and aeration boxes, homogenization and deaeration systems,

  • vibration technologies based on industrial vibrators; retail of industrial vibrators,

  • conveyors and vibration screens excited by electric, electromagnetic and pneumatic drives,

  • service and spare parts.

High quality

30 years of experience

Professional attitude

Environment-friendly technologies