Przedsiębiorstwo Wdrażania Innowacji „INWET” SA

    “INWET” Inc. offers solutions for transport, storage and processing of bulk materials. Our company is on this market from 1989. Our technologies are based on vibrations and aeration.

    Storage of bulk materials in steel silos and concrete big containers usually creates problems of overhangs, plugged outputs and all forms of wall caking. We solve such problems by a dynamic aeration, provided by air blasters of our own production. Constant product flow and increased effective silo capacity are guaranteed. Air blasters are useful also on cement plant preheat towers, electromagnetic filter chutes and pouring tubes (for air flushing).

  For smaller containers of bulk material and for technological line transport, fractioning and dosage, we provide a wide variety of vibrators and vibrating systems. We offer devices from leading, European manufacturers, as: Findeva, Oli, NetterVibration, Venanzetti, Tuxel. Our offer includes electric, pneumatic, hydraulic, immersed and attachable vibrators, producing linear and circular vibrations.

  Our construction department designs and builds all kinds of feeders and screens, powered by electromagnetic or pneumatic drives. We design such devices for new or existing technological lines accordingly to the customer’s demands.

  Air fluidization, homogenization and fluent flow of bulk substances, filtering, degasing and aeration of liquids are available by implementing our permeable, sintered material products. Our aerating and vibrating systems are equipped with automatic control, capable of operating few dozen of devices. We provide full service – “ready to use” standard, start-up and maintenance.

   We constantly offer spare parts and repair service.